open letter to britta

dear britta kallevang:

in 2002, we wrote letters to one another at a small cafe in Boulder, Co.

the intention was to have a written document that we could read in the future if we ever doubted why we make art or how much we matter to the people we meet in the world.

tonite, in 2011, after a long laborious search for a Polaroid camera, which proved to be unsuccessful, i stumbled upon your letter and read it in full.

it made me feel so very important in just the most perfect of perfect small ways-- reminding me of times we spent talking about poems and biking across town. laughing. always laughing. art is fun and it's good to enjoy it with friends we admire.

i am thankful for this letter, britta, but most importantly, i am thankful for you.



p.s. i still like this poem of yours very much-- and i like the sparkly poem you wrote for me. it lives on my desk, where i draw and write things.

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