past simple

i was recently asked by Jim Goar to be the guest editor over at Past Simple.

Check out the latest issue. I'm really pleased with it.



Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Great issue! : )

stacy elaine said...

thanks, dude! when are you coming back to LA? our next door neighbor is moving out at the end of the month . . . so, you might be able to snag it.

Cameron said...

way cool.

so how does my poetry get good enough to get published in something like that?


stacy elaine said...


you're poetry is excellent. wish i had seen the updated web pages before i edited all this stuff together . . . will make a concerted effort next time! it's all trial by fire. submit, submit, submit . . . forever!

Kirby Olson said...

I liked the Charlyne Yi poem about whores and vultures and vulnerability.

Thanks for this.

I wasn't sure that vultures really can feel vulnerable the way that a human can. I don't think vultures probably have a lot of human-type feelings, or certainly maybe not, maybe not certainly could they express them through verse, no certainly not, but.

Whores are vultures, on the other hand, struck me as odd.

I thought it would be more likely that the johns were vultures.

I don't know. I guess it got me thinking (but unlike Charlyne, not DRINKING).


Hi, Kirby!

Thanks for checking out the issue. I really appreciate the feedback. :)