oh, man!

so, there is a super stupid Kirk Cameron movie about debate . . . and it's like a love story, but it's sorta cheesy and dramatic (surprisingly intense!) . . . and the original song from a scene in that film is also sampled on this new Jay Z song (above).

so, when i listen to this new Jay Z song . . . it makes me think about Kirk Cameron . . . in so many weird ways . . . i would never put those two together in any other context . . . and then it makes me feel sorta nostalgic for that sorta 1980s Kirk Cameron cinematic California . . . and then, I realize Jay Z is singing about a new cinematic California . . . and maybe this California could be NYC or maybe it could be Chicago . . . or maybe it's just something floating around . . . the equally as distant fiction we see in music videos . . . and oh, man!

I realize that rap music (when done well) is sorta more postmodern/experimental than we (or I) give it credit for being. Conceptually, rap works in relation to these classic songs, giving new commentary to the old, weaving in an innovative narrative, disrupting the beat, yet catching a similar rhythm, in all its disjuncted everything.

i think i might buy the album.

p.s. here is the trailer for the kirk cameron movie (i sorta feel like he is making fun of this movie with his acting . . . is that possible?).

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