Allan and I decorated the holiday tree this weekend. I put the Mardi Gras beads on the branches and Allan put the felt "ghost" on the top! I also made some delicious dinner rolls (pictured above) to eat with our Tofurky! I wanted them to look like dinner rolls you would find on your table if you were starring in The Crucible.

I've been obsessively thinking about Abigail lately from Mr. Miller's excellent play . . . not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with Thanksgiving? Perhaps, it's because I've been reminiscing about high school required reading?

Regardless, I've been thinking about Salem lately . . . how we visited the town when I was eight, and how the museum shows a girl being stoned to death. It's like we are in the dark, and then a spotlight turns on, and we see a low budget animatronics paper mache sorta scene that demonstrates this stoning. I remember trying to lie down on the ground and sleep my head off.

Massachusetts is like the weirdest crummiest most awesome state.

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Jill Carroll said...

Oh my gosh that made me laugh.