I find this article from the New York Times to be fascinating.

Apparently, J.D. Salinger (now, age 90) has sued a Swedish author named Fredrik Colting (age 33) for copyright infringement. From what I can tell, Colting wrote a character that is presumed to be Holden Caufield at age 76. This character is referred to as Mr. C-- never Holden Caufield. Yet, it's apparent by the character's being and the title of the book (60 Years Later: Coming Through the Rye) that this is indeed an older Holden.

The courts ruled in JD Salinger's favor.

Any thoughts?

My first one--- What audacity. How could a man in his 30s that's not even American write about Holden Caufield in his 70s for god's sake?

My second one-- Chill out dache. Maybe the book is good. Maybe that man in his 30s is awesome.

My third one-- Is it weird that I visualize Sean Connery as a 76-year-old Holden?

My fourth one-- Is it weird that I can't think of Sean Connery nailing the jerky accent?

My fifth one-- Is it weird that this is now some stupid movie in my head?

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p.s. I think it's stupid that his name is Mr. C. in the book. Like, he got some dumb nickname from The Fonz or some shit.