these things i know for sure / andrea zittel

in the spirit of andrea zittel, monday starts my first set of personal limitations or rules.

this is a monthly experiment to see how much it affects my life--- does a self-imposed regiment of restrictions create more freedom or less?

first step: food --- imposing a vegan diet on myself.

second step: writing ---
will free-write every morning before internet access.

third step: sharing --- will work on a multi-media art project in complete secrecy. this means no discussing, talking about, or showing the work to anyone. this includes allan.

fourth step: body --- will do aerobics daily.

will this simplify or stress-out my life? we shall see. we shall.

**image above by andrea zittel and courtesy of http://www.andrearosengallery.com/exhibitions/2005_5_andrea-zittel/#


oopes said...

How is this going for you, dache, here, at the end of Day 4? I am a-rooting for you.

stacy elaine said...


so far so good. it's amazing how eating no dairy or meat really does narrow your options-- especially when dining out. it's sorta awesome. saving me money so far.

the exercise is good. making me realize how my body moves or should move-- in relation to my thinking. it's connected. the starting part is hard. the middle part is easy.

the project in secrecy is really difficult-- but important. i want to do something without any outside influence or criticism. i want to replicate the feeling of when i was in high school and i made things just to make them. messy and clueless. raw in a sense. the progress is slow. urgh.

the free write before internet is the hardest! urgh you internet you!

how are you!!!????!!!!